4 Bar S Shorthorns
We Accept Scramble Certificates!
Give us a call for your next champion!.

Dale, Patti Kelley and Lindsey Sommerlatte
1817 Cemetery Rd Bellville TX 77418
Home - 979-357-2446
Dale Cell - 979-277-5145
Patti Cell - 979-277-5164
Kelley Cell - 979-203-0653

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Welcome to 4 Bar S Shorthorns

We Have a fine selection of Shorthorns and Shorthorn Plus Cattle.
Throughout the year we offer high quality heifers, steers,
replacement females, and bulls. Supporting the youth of Texas and
beyond is one of our key goals. We have had a lot of success in the
show ring and we would like to share that with others, We also
accept scramble certificates and are proud to help our customers.
Thank you to every family that has purchased an animal from us.
We appreciate your loyalty and confidence in our program. If you
have any questions, please call us!